Dear Customers,

    Due to a significant and on going family medical emergency the production of all LiquidFyre Rocketry products will be on hold. This includes all of the new Mobius Mini product. Further I have a limited stock of 808 and Mobius product that I will be able to ship. If you need something please email before placing an order to verify stock. I currently intend to get everything back up and going as soon as possible but do not know how long that will take. Please bare with us. If you need to cancel an existing order please email and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Thanks for your patience,

       Brian Schwartz

We are proud to announce our new company LiquidFyre Rocketry. We are dedicated to becoming your number one source for the highest quality engineered rocketry solutions. Over the coming weeks we will be regularly updating these pages, please check back and feel free to contact us.

Please note, we are working hard to build up stock of all of our products, until that time shipping may take 2 to 3 weeks.

11-20-17: LiquidFyre Rocketry will be having it's first annual Black Weekend Sale! The sale will run from 11-24-17 to 11-28-17. Use coupon code "Black_2017" at checkout to receive 15% on all standard products. Additionally there will be special packages that include a camera, shroud kit, and an additional shroud, everything you need to install a camera in two same diameter rockets at 25% off with the option to add additional shrouds at 40% off. The sale will include the new Mobius Mini kits with extended external battery.

Black Weekend sales are on a pre-sale basis so quantities will not be limited and orders will shipped first come first serve as we can produce product. If you need something before the holidays please note that in your order and call or message or email for good measure and I will do everything I can to accommodate you. (Note: LiquidFyre Mobius Mini products will be available February/March)

2-12-17: We are pleased to announce our first product line, the LiquidFyre Camera Shroud System. Our shroud system is the most aerodynamic, most durable camera mounting system available to the rocketry hobby. It features a through-wall molded carbon-fiber shroud and a CNC machined phenolic camera carrier. They are available for the 808 keychain camera with the "D" lens and the Mobius ActionCam with the "C2" lens.