• Mobius ActionCam Shroud

This is the LiquidFyre Camera Shroud for the Mobius ActionCam camera. The shroud is designed to provide a minimal, sleek, pseudo-ogive protrusion for mounting a camera through the wall of your rocket at an optimal angle. Molded from 5 layers of 5.7oz 2K twill carbon fiber (approx. 0.045" thick) it is extremely durable. They have survived ballistic recovery, burying them 5 feet into clay, and landing flat on gravel from 3 kft with no damage but scratched paint. (In both cases the 808 cameras were not damaged either). The shroud can be mounted through the wall of an airframe or a coupler & airframe.

LiquidFyre Mobius camera shrouds are currently available in 3" and 4" sizes. Images will be available shortly on the kit product page for space allocation. Careful consideration of component layout should be used with the camera in 3" av-bays.

Package includes:

  • Molded carbon fiber Mobius ActionCam shroud

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Mobius ActionCam Shroud

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